Longfellow School

Longfellow School.

Originally this was the site (at Fourth Avenue and Tenth Street North) of the two buildings that were located on the Unitarian Church site. Those buildings were moved to this location and served the Fifth Ward until 1891 when the brick building shown above was constructed. The new building was named the Longfellow School, although it was long known as the Douglas Terrace School. The photo above is from the State Historical Society of North Dakota Museum Collection C0268.

In 1896, it provided seven teachers for grades 1-6. By 1909, it had grown to eight teachers providing for students in grades 1-8. It was used as the headquarters of the Child Health Demonstration form 1923 to 1927. During World War II, it was used by the WPA Sewing Project and became a depot for clothing and supplies for the needy. Eventually it was razed.

There is a Longfellow Elementary School today at 20 NE 29th Avenue but it is a different school.