Old Main

Old Main.

The first permanent structure on the North Dakota Agricultural College (NDAC) campus was College Hall, also called the Administration Building, but more commonly known as Old Main. In February of 1891, the North Dakota State Legislature appropriated $25,000 to erect the structure. The cornerstone was laid in 1891 and construction was completed by the end of the year. College Hall contained classrooms, offices, and laboratories for the faculty, a room for the library, an uncompleted upper floor used as a gymnasium, and the office of the President. The postcard above is dated 1908.

The building remains today and houses the offices of the University President and other officials.

In the southeast corner of the second floor (the tower corner) of Old Main was a chapel where daily compulsory meetings were held. These meetings were abandoned after November 1, 1902 because the student body had grown too large. The chapel later was renovated to become the Little Country Theater.