Panoramas of Downtown Fargo

1909 postcard

In this view from 1909, we can see that the base of the Indian Statue has been constructed but the statue has not yet been erected. The picture shows Front Street (Main Avenue) at far left, the Northern Pacific Park and its walkways, as well as a good view of Shotwell Floral. The early morning sun has caused the merchants on the west side of Broadway to extend their awnings. The angle of the view suggests that this image was taken from the roof of Moody's.

Downtown Fargo, July 1909

This view, dated July 1909, shows a train crossing Broadway on the Northern Pacific tracks. Note that the Indian Statue is now erected. The scene is also taken later in the day (a little after noon) as seen by the shadows that are slight from the sun in the west. There are no automobiles, but many wagons and one bicyclist. Note that the colorist has changed the color of the roof of Shotwells. The angle of this view suggests that it was taken from the roof the hotel just east of Moody's.

Thanks to Victoria Santiago for restoring these images!


The image above is from two real photo postcards "stitched" together to form a panorama. The pictures were taken about 1909. The view was likely from the water tower behind the Case Thresher building on N.P. Avenue.

On the right edge one can see the Red River. In the center is the Fargo Feed Mill (enlarged below) at 115 2nd Street North, and the Johnson Stone Works (enlarged below). There was also a lot of homes east of Broadway at this time. The large boarding houses in the center of the image made up Fargo’s “Red Light” district. The largest one belonging to Madam Melvina Massey, called The Crystal Palace. The two story brick building at far left was the Central Hotel. The Great Northern tracks can be seen in the upper right.

Fargo Feed Mill

Johnson Stone Works

1910 postcard

The panoramic view above shows the commercial heart of Fargo, 1909. The viewer is facing northwest. Looking right, we see Broadway. Looking left, we see Front Street (later renamed Main Avenue). Thanks to Victoria Santiago for her help enhancing the image above.

1910 postcard

This is another three-postcard image. It is likely taken from the top corner of the Magill Block looking west down the Northern Pacific Railroad tracks.

May 1921

The image above is a thumbnail of a panoramic photograph taken in May 1921. The photograph was taken from Moorhead looking west toward Fargo. Because of the twists in the Red River, one can see Fargo on the left side of the photograph and Moorhead on the right side. The larger image below has the Moorhead section cropped out to save space and download time. The orginal catalog record for this image can be located on the Library of Congress web site. Thanks to Victoria Santiago for bringing this to my attention.

May 1921.

In the cropped and enlarged version of the image above, the photographer is facing west. One can see island Park on the right and St. John's Hospital. In the upper center of the image, one can see the spire of Jones Hall on the Fargo College Campus (at the south end of Island Park).