Public Schools

The first school session in Fargo was held in the summer of 1872 (reportedly in a log cabin in the vicinity of what is now Island Park). Mercy Nelson (age 15) was the teacher. Ms Nelson was to become Mrs. Eben W. Knight of Lisbon, ND.

Growing from that first school session in Fargo in the summer of 1872, Fargo's school district now serves about 11,675 students and employs 1,200 people including 750 teachers. The district is comprised of two high schools, an alternative community high school, three middle-level schools, thirteen elementary schools, one kindergarten center and the Trollwood Performing Arts School. More about these schools can be found on the Fargo school system web site.

In addition to the schools described below, there were a number for which I have no images and little information beyond the construction date: Clara Barton (1927) and Emerson Smith (1931).

The collage below is entitled "High and Other School Buildings, Fargo." It is taken from the June 7, 1894 edition of the Argus; scan courtesy of the North Dakota Institute for Regional Studies. Can you identify the buildings? Across the top (left to right) are the High School, Lincoln, and Washington. I can't identify the schools in the bottom row.

Fargo schools in 1894