Raymond Farm

Raymond farm in the 1880s.

John B. Raymond had a bonanza farm about 12 miles north of Fargo. Raymond, also known as Delegate Raymond, got his start by using some veteran's benefits to buy land. In 1881, Raymond had 6000 acres, of which 200 were planted. In 1883, Captain Chase purchased a one-third interest in Raymond's farm and it was expanded to 15,000 acres, of which 6,000 acres were planted in wheat in 1883. At the time the farm was 10,000 acres, Raymond employed 10-12 full-time men. This number was increased to 35 men during seeding and 75 men at harvest.

The picture above of a "seeding outfit" on the Raymond Farm was taken by Frank Jay Haynes of Fargo, Dakota Territory, sometime in the 1880's.