Red River Mall

Red River Mall.

The Red River Mall was completed in 1975. It was an attempt to promote downtown shopping by slowing automobile traffic and encouraging pedestrian traffic. This was done by placing pillars and flower beds on Broadway between Main Avenue and 2nd Avenue North in a winding pattern.

By 1986, it was apparent the Red River Mall had not saved downtown's retail sector. Most Broadway business owners wanted the mall's twisty street and planters removed. In its place they wanted the return of 55 parking spaces. The "Mall" was dismantled when Broadway underwent an $8 million Streetscape Project, which took place between 2002 and 2004. This project included an upgrade of the water and sewer mains that had not been replaced since it had been installed in 1911. It also included landscape enhancements including plantings, ornamental fences, decorative brick pavers, flower baskets and columns.

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