Samuel G. Roberts

Samuel G. Roberts was born in Brooks, Maine, on March 10, 1843. He was educated in that state and after serving in the Civil War, Roberts came to Minneapolis and studied law. He was admitted to the bar in 1870. Roberts practiced law in Minneapolis until January 1872, at which time he came to Fargo and took up a quarter section of land on which the city now stands.

Roberts formed a partnership with S.G. Comstock and practiced law in Moorhead for some time and then returned to Fargo where he continued his law practice. He was instrumental in founding the First National Bank, the Fargo Foundry, and the Republican Newspaper Company.

Roberts married Mrs. Jennie Baldwin of Canada in October 1872. They had one daughter, Ruth, who married Gilbert Haggart, son of John Haggart. They lived in the Roberts house after moving it to Eighth Street South.

Roberts was very active in public service and served on the territorial council in 1879 and 1883; a member of the territorial commission on emigration in 1877 and 1878; and county superintendent of schools for some time in the 1870s. He also served as municipal judge, was elected to three terms on the city council, and served three terms as city attorney.