Sangerfest ribbon.

Norwegian singers from all over the United States gathered in Fargo on July 12-14, 1912 for Sangerfest, a biennial event. The erroneously dated advertisement for a souvenir medal and the watch fob below were produced to commemorate the event.

Sangerfest fob.

The song festival began at 10 AM on Friday with welcoming speeches by Fargo Mayor William D. Sweet and George E. Perley on behalf of the Mayor of Moorhead. A great parade was held at 2 PM that culmintaed at the Great Northern Depot, where a dedication ceremeny was held for the statue of Rollo. Later that day at 5 PM a banquet was held at the Masonic Temple, and a grand concert was held at 8 PM at the tabernacle built for Billy Sunday earlier in 1912. The audience was enthralled with th esound of over 1000 voices singing.

On Saturday morning, the Norwegian Singer's Association of America held a meeting at the Commercial Club rooms. They decided, among other business, to hold the next Sangerfest in Chicago in 1914. A rehearsal was held at the tabernacle in the afternoon and another concert was held in the evening, which was attended by about 4,000 people.

Sangerfest ended on Sunday with a great picnic at 10 AM at Nokken's Grove, six miles south of Moorhead.

In concert with Sangerfest, a number of other associations and groups met during this time. The fitst Norman American convention was held at Concordia. The Grand Lodge of the Sons of Norway also held a meeting at this time in Fargo. Between these events and Sangerfest, thousands (some estimated 10,000) Norwegians visited Fargo for the long weekend.

Sangerfest was again held in Fargo in 1934. See the commemorative medal below. In 1934, the singers met at NDSU's Festival Hall.

Sangerfest medal.