Sundberg Jewelry

Sundberg Jewelry.

Edward P. Sundberg came to Fargo in about 1879, and opened his first jewelry store at 50 Front Street. By 1891 he was operating at 524 Front Street, out of a building called the Davis Block. Around 1897, the business moved to 70 Broadway, where it remained until about 1903, when it moved one door to the north at 72 Broadway. According to the 1909 Fargo city directory, the business dealt in not only jewelry, but also included opticians and Kodak supplies. Mr. Sundberg retired about 1911, and moved to San Diego where he died around 1939. The jewelry store remained in business under the name The Sundberg Co. At that time Daniel F. Sullivan became manager of the store. Sometime around 1922 the management was turned over to Clair G. Sherdahl, who appears to have bought the business by 1924.

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