Watson Hall

Watson Hall.

Fine Arts Club.

J. J. Flecker built a residence at 601 4th Street South in 1916. It was later sold to the Lincoln Life Insurance Company who occupied it from 1920 to 1925, at which time the company moved to Minneapolis.

One story has it that Mrs. John H. Watson bought the building in 1925 and donated it to Fargo College. The building was to be named Watson Hall in memory of Mrs. Watson's late husband. The building was to be used as a music conservatory. The Fargo College Annual (the "Wau-Kan") for 1923 (published in 1922), however, contains a photograph of the building (reproduced above left) as "Watson Hall." This evidence indicated that Mrs. Watson donated the building earlier than the reported 1925 and that the building was used for a short time before the college closed its doors in June 1922.

The Fargo College trustees held the building until 1930 by which time the stock market crash had wiped out any hopes of raising funds to reopen the College. The trustees returned the building to Mrs. Watson in 1930.

On November 5, 1930, Mrs. Watson donated the building to the Fargo Fine Arts Club, which had been founded in 1911. "Watson Hall" has been the home of the Fine Arts Club for the last 70+ years (see picture above right for a photograph of the building in 2001).