Alex Herzog

Since the late 1990s, Alex Herzog has been working as a volunteer translator for the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection as a German language translator. He has contributed hundreds of hours on translation projects, English to German and German to English, that include the GRHC book and cookbook publications, periodical and newspaper articles, and e-mail messages.

Alex Herzog's major translation works for the GRHC include:

Alex Herzog and his brother, Prof. Michael Herzog of Gonzaga University collaboratively translated the book Flotsam of World History: The Germans from Russia Between Stalin and Hitler by Richard H. Walth.

Alex also translated the lengthy study Secret Criminal Proceedings Against the Last Volga German Government During the Years 1944-1946 by Viktor Krieger, published by the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia (AHSGR).

On an ongoing basis, he has translated hundreds of articles from Volk auf dem Weg, the journal of the Landsmannschaft der Deutschen aus Russland, Stuttgart, Germany, including especially the important series of articles on the history of German-Russians by Dr. Viktor Krieger.

Alex and Nancy Herzog translated, from German to English, A Brief Account of the Family of Anton Herzog Gathered from Contributions by Members of the Third Generation: Including a Look back at Its Roots (Emigration from Alsace to Russia) by Alex’ cousin Johannes Herzog.

He provides occasional translation work and contributes articles for other major German-Russian groups such as the Glueckstal Colonies Research Association (GCRA), to the Germans from Russia Heritage Society (GRHS) and its Heritage Review, and to the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia (AHSGR).

Alex’ son, Dr. Stephen Herzog, Coordinator of Academic Programs in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, has provided valuable historical editing for works published by the GRHC, which Alex has translated.

Alex’ wife Nancy, his brother Michael, and his son Stephen have assisted him with editing certain English translations, as well as completing book reviews for GRHC. We are most appreciative of this work on behalf of the GRHC by Drs. Nancy Herzog, Michael B. Herzog, and Stephen Herzog.

Alex Herzog's translation work for the GRHC publications and web pages is of significant importance to the Germans from Russia community worldwide, most of them no longer being able to speak German. The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is deeply appreciative and grateful for his tremendous contributions.

Biographical Information

Alex Herzog is a direct descendants of Black Sea settlers from Alsace, which is now a part of France. In 1944 his family was transplanted on Hitler’s orders to Poland, where their father wasinducted into the German armed forces. Their mother managed to move the family to Berlin in East Germany and finally to West Germany, where they were reunited with their father and in 1953 emigrated to the United States, thus avoiding the fate of so many of their relatives, who were deported to Siberia by the Soviets in 1945.

Alex was born in 1938 in Lichtenfeld (Ambrosyevo), a German village in Kutchurgan/Ukraine. He eventually earned an MA and did advanced graduate studies in mathematics in the United States. He had a long career with IBM and took early retirement in 1993 and is now a freelance and volunteer translator, primarily from German to English. He is a member of both the Germans from Russia Historical Society and the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia. He is married to Dr. Nancy Herzog. They live in Boulder, Colorado, and their three married children have given them seven grandchildren.

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