Summary of Activities and Projects


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Electronic Communications
The Germans from Russia electronic discussion group or listserves have been established by the NDSU Libraries and the NDSU Information Technologies Center. These include the following discussion groups:

  1. BESS-GR: Bessarabian Germans from Russia Electronic Discussion Group
  2. GCRA: Glückstal Colonies Research Association Electronic Discussion Group
  3. GR-GENEALOGY: Germans from Russia Genealogy Electronic Discussion Group
  4. GR-HERITAGE: Germans from Russia Heritage Electronic Discussion Group
  5. KRIM-GR: Crimean Germans from Russia Electronic Discussion Group

For further information to subscribe and a description of each of the electronic discussion groups, consult the GRHC website Table of Contents at "Electronic Discussion Lists."

Institute for Regional Studies, NDSU Libraries, Fargo
Since its founding in 1950, the Institute has been actively developing an extensive repository of resources on North Dakota and the surrounding region - a region with a rich historical heritage.
Archives: (701) 231-8914

Books, Maps and Tapes

Books, cassette tapes, maps, cookbooks and videotapes can be located at the GRHC website pages at - “Order” - including books in the German language, cookbooks, resources on the Germans from Russia, as well as, North Dakota and South Dakota books.

To request a catalog of items for sale, contact GRHC.

Oral History Project
To document the history of the Germans from Russia for future generations, the NDSU Libraries is continually enlarging its compendium of oral history interviews. Help us identify older persons in your family.

We need to find persons in your family to join us as interviewers. Do you know senior citizens in your family who should be interviewed? Is there anyone in your family who would like to join us as a volunteer interviewer? We have developed questions for the interview to guide you. Review the GRHC website at “Oral History” for further information.

Culture, Customs and Foodways
German-Russian food recipes, ethnic customs, folkways, and traditions such as weddings, Christmas and New Year can be located at “History/Culture.

For German-Russian cookbooks, see the GRHC website at - “Order” - “Cookbooks.

The NDSU Libraries exhibit titled The Kempf Family: Germans from Russia Weavers on the Dakota Prairies offers a compelling introduction to the German-Russian heritage.

The Family Reunions: In Touch with Prairie Living traveling exhibit is designed for use at German-Russian family reunions in the Dakotas. This exhibit is available on loan from the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection. Pick-up and return of the exhibit needs to be done in Fargo.

GRHC has also designed the exhibit, Traditions of German-Russian Weddings: From the Steppes of South Russia to the Prairies of the Dakotas.

German-Russian Historic Photographs
We would like to borrow photos to prepare negatives and color copies. Help us build our photo archives of historic German-Russian photographs including weddings, homemaking, farms, military, and family photos. We appreciate your cooperation in borrowing photographs and other historical documents for archival preservation, publications, and exhibits.

Journey to the Homeland Tours
Are you interested in visiting the villages of your ancestors near Odessa, Ukraine, including the former Black Sea, Bessarabian and Crimean German villages?

The NDSU Libraries will offer special tours for families who wish to travel together from the USA and Canada to Germany and to Odessa, Ukraine. Tours have included nine tours from May 1996 to May 2003. The 10th tour will be June 1-14, 2004. View the GRHC website at - “Tours.

For further information:

Michael M. Miller, M.Ed., M.S.
Office: 701-231-8416
Fax: 701-231-7138
Email: Michael.

Kristi Krebs Brink, B.S.
Archives Assistant
Office: 701-231-6596
Fax: 701-231-7138

Jay “Surrey” Gage, B.A., B.S.
Textiles & Exhibits Curator
Office: 701-231-6596
Fax: 701-231-7138

Germans from Russia Heritage Collection
NDSU Libraries
P.O. Box 5599
Fargo, ND 58105-5599 USA
GRHC website:

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is located on the First Floor, North Dakota State University Library, 12th Avenue North and Albrecht Boulevard, Fargo, North Dakota

Available north of NDSU Library; call GRHC for more information.

Monday- Friday: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM; consult the website for additional hours:


“Dedicated to the German-Russian people who have done pioneer work on the steppes, prairies, and pampas of the world.”

from Homesteaders on the Steppe
by Joseph S. Height

Permission to use any images from the GRHC website may be requested by contacting Michael M. Miller