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Donating to the NDSU Libraries
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Donating to the Germans from Russia
The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is used by persons preparing scholarly articles and books, visual presentations, community and family histories, documentary work, and student research projects. Many use the materials simply for personal pleasure.

To assist such patrons, the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection especially wishes to collect and preserve primary documents such as family histories, diaries, scrapbooks, oral interview tapes, videotapes, and letters, as well as historical sound recordings, photographs, maps, textiles and clothing, and selected artifacts.

At the Institute for Regional Studies website, the following statement emphasizes the challenge that any patron or collection faces: "For all the valuable, and in some cases, irreplaceable records which have been collected, many more remain to be preserved, studied, and eventually made available to other interested scholars. Unfortunately, these priceless materials have many times been allowed to disintegrate in dusty attics or damp basements because their historical value was not known by the individual, family, or community. Only when such resources are accessible to other citizens of the region can the contributions of an individual or organization be properly assessed in the context of history."

For the Collection to grow and preserve the heritage of the Germans from Russia, support and participation will be needed from all those interested. Thus, we welcome donations of such primary materials. But we also welcome monetary donations to continue purchasing materials for the Collection and to pursue significant activities such as the oral history project, translations, publishing, photo preservation, textile preservation, and exhibits.

Together, we can build the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection. Your concern today will mean rich rewards for future generations.

Permission to use any images from the GRHC website may be requested by contacting Michael M. Miller