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NDSU Libraries Reception Honoring Michael M. Miller

Ocotber 30, 2008

2008 Librarian of the Year Recipient

Michael displaying one of the beautiful flower arrangement he received.
Display in Marie Rudel Portner Germans from Russia Room.
Michael displaying another flower arrangement he received.
Plaque from the North Dakota Library Association.
Kuchen from Mary's Bake Shoppe, Jud, ND.
Kuchen from Mary's Bake Shoppe, Jud, ND.
Clock and flowers received from nieces and nephew of Miller Family.
Michael visiting with longtime colleagues, Mary Kroshus and Daniel Koper,  from the North Dakota State College of Science Library, Wahpeton.
Jay Gage, GRHC Curator, (left) speaking with Irene and Jerry Askelson, Fargo.
Daniel Koper, Mary Kroshus and Karen Chobet of the North Dakota State College of Science Library, Wahpeton, reviewing the cookbooks.
Letha Cattanach, NDSU Library, and Dean Thomas Riley, College of Arts, Humantiies and Social Sciences.
Michele Reid, Dean of Libraries, Michael, and his niece Mary Kay Miller Feist, Minneaukan, ND.
Kathryn Thomas, Char Myhre, Dean Thomas Riley, and Letha Cattanbach at reception.
Rev. Marvin Hartmann, Marion Hartmann and Michael Miller visiting.
Jay Gage, Suzanne Morrison, Dr. Ann Braaten and Jessica Holkup.
Dr. Ann Braaten and Jessica Holkup from the Emily P. Reynolds History Costume Collection, greeting Michael.
Jay Gage visiting with Tim Dirks, Director, Fargo Public Library.
Verda Job Tschritter, West Fargo, reviewing the cookbook collection.
Michael visiting with Larry and JoAnne Mertz Gauper, Fargo.
Char Myhre and Donna James, Director, Valley City State University Library.
Several people enjoying kuchen and visiting during the reception.
Dr. Inge Justitz, NDSU Department of History, visiting with Jessica Clark, coordinator of the Dakota Memories Oral History Project.
Persons visiting at the reception.
Michael Miller with NDSU President Joseph Chapman.
President Chapman reviewing book collection.
Father William Sherman signing the guestbook.
Michael visiting with President Chapman.
Tom Dirks with Suzanne Morrison.
2008 NDLA Librarian of the Year Award.
Larry Gauper & JoAnn Mertz Gauper, Fargo; Julie Opp Burgum, Casselton, and Michael Miller.


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