Readers, Submit Your Memories of North Dakota's 20th Century

"Readers, Submit Your Memories of North Dakota's 20th Century." North Dakota REC/RTC, May 1998, 5.

Homesteading Germans, Scandinavians, Irish Machinery emerges - Politics and motorcars Revolts and recessions on the farm Dustbowls, blizzards and floodwaters

Come on along for a ride through the 20th Century!

In November 1998, North Dakota REC/RTC Magazine starts 10 consecutive months of remembering North Dakota's 20th Century. That month, we look at 1900-1909 in the young state. Then, over the next nine months, through August 1999, we will look at the rest of the decades of the 20th Century.

Attention, readers: participate with us as we look back. Write to us about your 20th Century memories. Tie those thoughts to a particular decade. We will showcase exceptional reader reflections in this 20th Century series. Submissions selected and published in this series will earn $50 for the writer. See guidelines below.

North Dakota's 20th Century: Come on along for the ride in your North Dakota REC/RTC Magazine!


Readers are invited to submit original compositions, no longer than 250 words apiece, about a decade in North Dakota's 20th Century.

Compositions should bear North Dakota connections. They should consist of the writer's memories or reflections about an incident, set of circumstances or life in general during that decade. Memories or reflections can be based on firsthand experiences, or, what has been passed on from family, friends, or history.

Readers can write about more than one decade.

DO NOT SEND FAMILY HISTORY PHOTOS, GENERAL HISTORICAL PHOTOGRAPHY OR OTHER AUTHENTIC HISTORICAL ITEMS. The magazine cannot assume responsibility for unsolicited historical items. The magazine will return original compositions only if accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope. Writers should provide complete, usable return address information, including daytime and evening phone numbers.

Magazine editors will review all original submissions. One or two submissions will be selected for each installment of the North Dakota's 20th Century series. The magazine will pay $50 for a published submission. An effort will be made to publish a different writer's submission each month. Editors will make publishing decisions based on the writer's effectiveness at conveying insightful material related to a decade.

Send reflections to: North Dakota's 20th Century, c/o North Dakota REC/RTC Magazine, Box 727, Mandan, N.D. 58554-0727; or e-mail:



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