200th Anniversary of Teplitz

Vossler, Günther. "200th Anniversary of Teplitz." Mitteilungsblatt, August 2017, 14.
This translation from the original German-language text to American English is provided by Alex Herzog, Boulder, Colorado, with editorial assistance from Dr. Nancy Herzog.

On August 27, 2017 the Teplitz community celebrated its 200th anniversary. Teplitzers, their descendants, and all friends from the great Bessarabian community were cordially invited.

A few days ago, Günther Vossler and Florian Schlipf were traveling from Tarutino to Teplitz. Where road splits toward Teplitz there is a sign which in large writing on glowing blue background points out to us that the Teplitz community was founded in 1817. And the sign thus serves as an indicator that there will be a celebration of the 200th anniversary of the village’s existence.

We drove into the village. Unfortunately, the lady mayor was at a meeting out of town. We had received her warm invitation just a few days back.

We then went on to the former home of Theophil, where Mrs. Tatyana Boronin runs a small store that also serves coffee. We launched into a cordial conversation, and after a short while the former mayor, Mr. Stephan Tersi, joined us. He, too, invited us warmly to the anniversary celebration. He reported on the preparations the community was making for the jubilee and summarized the program for the August 27, 2017celebration.

Then we drove to the former German cemetery, where several years ago the community of Teplitzers had re-erected all then existing gravestones of their ancestors as a memorial and has ever since then provided the financial means for the memorial’s upkeep. The cemetery showed itself as being cared for in a fair manner. We took pictures, including some of gravestones for which the inscriptions are relatively legible. This cemetery is of great importance for our historical memory, and also for the people who currently reside in Teplitz and the surrounding area.

[left:] Johannes Harter: Matthew 15, v. 24:: [N.B. The actual reference should be chapter16, verse 24:] If anyone wishes to be a follower of mine, he must leave self behind, he must take up his cross and come with me [New English Bible].
[middle:] Maria Schaal, nee Wilske: John 31, v. 25:
[N.B. There is no chapter 31 in John]: I will quicken your weary souls and satisfy your worried souls.
[right:] Jakob Reiser: Ps. 90, v. 1: Lord, thou hast been our refuge from (generation to generation
[New English Bible]).

The inscriptions clearly indicated to us how important it was for our ancestors to retain their values and their way of life.

Florian Schlipf, who had only a few months ago been in constant contact with the Stuttgart headquarters of our Association, was also there to search for the home of the parents of his grandmother, Mrs. Müller. With the assistance of Tatyana Boronin and Mr, Stephan Teris, the house was located within a short time. For Florian Schlipf, this day was certainly the emotional highlight of the trip to Bessarabia.

[Belated information for] those who wish to book a trip to Teplitz: you are invited to contact our office in Stuttgart. Tel. number [in Germany]: 0711/440077-0. We are happy to provide support and information.

Appreciation is extended to Dr. Nancy Herzog for editing and to Alex Herzog for translation of this article.

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