Evangelical-Lutheran German Russians Through Changing Times

Paulsen, Nina. "Evangelical-Lutheran German Russians Through Changing Times." Volk auf dem Weg, 2017: February pp. 32-33; March p. 45; April pp. 32-33; May pp. 38-39; July pp. 38-39, August-September p. 14; December pp. 34-35.

Translation from the original German-language text to American English is provided by Alex Herzog, Boulder, CO, with editorial assistance from Dr. Nancy Herzog.

Translator's note:

This translation combines seven installments written by Nina Paulsen with the above (translated) title. Each segment was published in separate 2017 issues of Volk auf dem Weg. The intent of combining the series into this single translation is to avoid the reader having to search through separate translations of the various installments.

For convenience to readers of the originally published articles, successive original installments contain recapping notes between issues. In this compendium there is no reason to repeat them. However, the beginning of each original individual installments is noted herein so that each piece of the series can be traced to the original publication issue.

This collection constitutes a thorough and significant historical document that may not have been attempted before. For its completeness and authenticity, we owe the writer, Nina Paulsen, a debt of gratitude. A.H.

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