Sounds of Home; on a Grand Trip

Heimatklaenge auf Grosser Fahrt

Choir from Stuttgart at the 125th Anniversary Celebration of Immigration by Volga-Germans to Argentinia

Stuttgarter Chor bei der 125-Jahresfeier der Einwadnerung der Wolgadeutschen
in Argeninien, Fortzetzung von VadW 2/2004, S. 22

Lehmann, David. "Sounds of Home; on a Grand Trip." Volk auf dem Weg, March 2004.

Translation from German to English by Alex Herzog, Boulder, Colorado

The Statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro

Leaving our friendly countrymen was difficult, but we had to continue to our next item in our tour agenda, a sightseeing trip to a park where wild animals were free to roam. We had perhaps expected more of this walk, but at least it gave Stefan Kloetzel a chance for a brief ride.

After we had loaded our luggage onto the bus by 7 PM, Dr. Guinder came by, presented Marina Bauer with a few books, and gave to each of us a monthly issue of a pamphlet of the Association of German Descendants of the Pampana, Santa Rosa. By shortly after 5 AM the next morning we had reached Buenos Aires, after a drive of 608 kilometers.

November 5: Following a city tour with the wife and the daughter of Mr. Heit, by evening we drove in two minibuses to a restaurant, which unfortunately proved to be the wrong one. We were accompanied by Mrs. Kessler and Dr. Hartmann, plus Mr. Heit and his family, the Preacher and Mr. Danner. Mr. Gareis and his wife had made a special trip just to join us, and both drove home at the end of the evening.

When it came time to say good-bye after midnight, Mr. Heit thanked the Schwaben International for having made the trip possible. With our visit we had not only contributed to improving relationships, but had also made the point of the importance of maintaining our culture in the future. Isabel Kessler, first chair of the [Association of] Volga-Germans of Argentina, in return thanked us for our visit and apologized for some minor problems that had cropped up. But what had been done had been done from the heart, and that, after all, was the most important aspect.

Our choir director, Marina Bauer, also thanked our Volga-German countrymen for the cordial reception they gave us in Argentina, and she expressed the hope for strengthening the contacts between our people on two continents.

IV. Brazil

November 6: At noon we left the hotel to drive to the airport, where Mr. and Mrs. Heit, Mrs. Kessler, Dr. Hartmann and Mr. Danner were already awaiting our arrival. As a good-bye gesture, the choir sang the song "Muss I denn ..."

Departure was t 3:35 PM. After a 30-minute stopover in Sao Paulo, Brazil, we reached the former Brazilian capital, Rio de Janeiro, at 10:15 PM. We were welcomed there by Mrs. Claudia, an employee of Schwaben International of Brazil. During our stay there, she would treat us to a great deal of information about the city and the country. To thank her, the choir presented a brief number for her at the airport. She was very pleased.

November 7: The day started with a tour of Rio de Janeiro. With its 5.9 million residents, it is the second largest city in the country. To describe everything we saw that day would go way beyond the extent of my report. Let me merely mention that we became convinced that the city can rightfully call itself one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The day concluded with a samba show at the restaurant "Marius" -- a unique experience.

November 8: After some more sightseeing, we left Rio de Janeiro by air, at 9 PM as planned, and within an hour we were in Sao Paulo, and arrived at 2 PM the next day in Frankfurt. A very fast ICE train returned our entire group quickly and in good health to Stuttgart.

In conclusion, a big thank you to all the "Schwabians" who traveled with us, for accepting us for who we are, and for participating fully in all our activities. In the name of the entire chorus, I also wish to thank our choir director, Marina Bauer, for her grand efforts in organizing not only our great tour, but also all our appearances overseas and here in Germany.

Our appreciation is extended to Alex Herzog for translation of this article.

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