Saving From Total Deterioration

Vor dem Verfall Bewahren

"Saving From Total Deterioration." Volk auf dem Weg, October 2004, 48.

Translation from German to English by Alex Herzog, Boulder, Colorado

In cooperation by German and Russian offices and through an alliance with the Landsmannschaft der Deutschen aus Russland, two buildings of special significance to Germans from Russia are intended to be saved from total deterioration.

Subsequent to the return of the land and building that houses the former German St. Paul's Church in Odessa to the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Ukraine, a plan was designed to realize there a German Center with worship space and meeting place for German-Ukrainians in Odessa. St. Paul's Church was erected toward the end of the 19th Century for the German Evangelical-Lutheran community in Odessa, on the centrally located "German Hill." Due to its elevated position, its tower developed into a true symbol for the city of Odessa.

The Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Ukraine is prepared to offer the land and building for a use in a joint project by the church, the Bavarian State government, and by the Federal Government of Germany in order to erect there a German Center that serves as a church and as a cultural and meeting place. Included is a plan to renovate parts of the church building so that services may again be held in the old church.

The Archive for German-Russians in Engels is located inside a building that was erected in 1902 and formerly used for grain storage. It is home to an extensive amount of documents on the history of our ethnic group. Current conditions for preserving these are for the most part desperate, and they endanger further preservation of this unrecreatable documents.

People from both the German and Russian communities therefore intend as soon as possible to take at least minimally required steps (renovation of the existing building structure and erecting an extension next to the base) for preserving and making the archives available for their proper use.

We plan to inform you by the next issue on what has happened with these projects, and also how you might participate in making them real.

Interior, St. Paul's Church
A Look Inside the Engles Archive

Our appreciation is extended to Alex Herzog for translation of this article.

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