Dr. Emil Biedlingmeier's Book on Katharinenfeld

Dr. Emil Biedlingmeiers Buch Ueber Katharinenfeld

Kampen, Johann. "Dr. Emil Biedlingmeier’s Book on Katharinenfeld." Volk auf dem Weg, March 2007, 15.

This translation from the original German text to American English is provided by Alex Herzog, Boulder, Colorado

This is primarily a family book, but it is also a chronicle of the German colonies founded in the Caucasus in 1818/1819: Neu-Tiflis, Alexanderdorf, Petersdorf, Elisabethtal, Freudental, Marienfeld, Annenfeld, Helenendorf, and Katharinenfeld, but Katharinenfeld in particular. The title is: "Ahnenbuch von Katharinenfeld in Georgien, Kaukasus. Chronik der Familien [Book of Ancestry of Katharinenfeld, Georgia, Caucasus. Chronicle of the Families.]"

It was in Katharinefeld that the author of the book, Dr. Emil Biedlingmeier, was born in 1924, before his odyssey to Germany via Kazakhstan and Russia. And it was in Katharinenfeld that, until the resettlement in 1941, that there always lived at least one member of the 1,103 families across 8 generations about which the author reports over 962 large-format pages.

Therein, many a German from Russia will find familiar family names such as Mueller, Kraemer, Voehringer, Speiser, Hensinger, Brodt, Tausch, Biedlingmeier, Ketschik, Wucherer, Hottmann, and perhaps even his own family name, together with information on names and first names of heads of families and of spouses, the number of children, etc. Listed are not only Caucasus-Germans, but also some Germans from the Volga, Crimean, and Ukrainian regions deported
during the fall of 1941. A veritable treasure trove for ancestry researchers, but for all who are interested in their own people! Dr. Biedlingmeier finished the book after decades of research and intensive work. This monumental work is enhanced by 18 whole-page family photos and a plat, 56 by 40 cm in size [ca. 22x16 inches], of Katharinenfeld, which at one time was also called Rosa and today is known as Bolnisi.

Friends of German-Russian history should not be deterred by the weight (3.2 kg! [ca. 7 pounds]) or the price (98 euros) of this book. It is a reference volume as well as reading material and, in its external form, an abiding decoration for any book shelf.

The book is available immediately [may be ordered directly from the Landsmannschaft der Deutschen aus Russland, Stuttgart].

Our appreciation is extended to Alex Herzog for translation of this article.

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