Bishop Werth at Bishop Walter Kasper’s

Bischof Werth bei Bischof Walter Kasper

"Bishop Werth at Bishop Walter Kasper’s." Volk auf dem Weg, December 1993.

Translation from German to English by Ingeborg Wallner Smith, Western Springs, Illinois

Bishop Werth and Bishop Walter Kasper
In connection with the 15th pilgrimage of the Russian-Germans to Ave Maria bei Deggingen, in the diocese Stuttgart-Rottenburg, Bishop J. Werth also visited the Bishop of Rottenburg, Walter Kasper. They talked about real Caritas questions. Bishop Werth is looking for an experienced Caritas worker, to develop his own Caritas in Siberia.

The bishop was accompanied by Pater Eugen Reinhardt, as well as by the two priests, Johannes Gräßle, Kornwestheim and Franz Pitzal, Renningen. The discussion lasted one hour.

The two priests from Renningen and Kornwestheim wish to contribute along with this year’s Star Singer Action (Sternsingeraktion) so that a children’s shelter can built as fast as possible; a kindergarten is a grand and important matter for the new diocese.

The church in Siberia wishes to make an effort to create more and more of the conditions that will make possible a life worthy of human beings.

Bishop Werth and his companions also visited the minster-president Erwin Teufel in Stuttgart. They had a long lively and open discussion with each other about the future of the Russina-Germans. Both of them were of the opinion that the gate to Germany must remain open. An announcement that resettlement would stop would only produce panic and would induce still more people to resettle in a hurry.

Minister-president Erwin Teufel and Bishop Walter Kasper offered to help the bishop, insofar as this is in the realm of the possible.

Our appreciation is extended to Ingeborg Smith for translation of this article.

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