The Bishop and his Trip out of the Country

Der Bishcof und die Ausreise

"The Bishop and his Trip out of the Country." Volk auf dem Weg, December 1993, 9.

Translation from German to English by Ingeborg Wallner Smith, Western Springs, Illinois

Erwin Teufel, Minister-president of the sister state of the Germans from Russia, greeter the Russian-German Bishop of Nowosibirsk, Joseph Werth.
“The people pay attention to the bishop in almost everything, only not in the matter of the resettlers. Even the prospect, that after the change in Russia, living conditions will probably have show some improvement in a few years – also through great efforts of the church – does not deter the Germans from their wish to return to the land of their forefathers. Radical demands in Germany to stop any settlement from abroad only intensify the emigration pressure on the Russian-Germans.”

Bishop Josef Werth explained this after the pilgrimage service of the Russian-Germans in Deffingen (Baden-Württemberg) in October, 1993. Also concerning the settlement attempts of the Russian-Germans in regions of the former Soviet Union the Bishop, as opposed to Minister-president Erwin Teufel, declared himself to be skeptical. Neither near Russians or the Volga nor in Ukraine did such projects have good prospects. After endless expulsions and sorrows, almost every one of his countrymen in Siberia or Kasachstan had only the wish, as far as possible without detours, to resettle directly to Germany.

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Our appreciation is extended to Ingeborg Smith for translation of this article.

Our appreciation is extended to Ingeborg Smith for translation of this article.

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