The Wall Calendar of the HFDR for 2010 -- Exciting Insights into German Russian Cultural History

The Editors, "The Wall Calendar of the HFDR for 2010 -- Exciting Insights into German Russian Cultural History." Volk auf dem Weg, December 2009, 6-7.

Translation from the Original German-language text to American English provided by Alex Herzog, Boulder, Colorado

The Artist Nikolaus Rode, Bishop Messmer of Kirgisztan, meteorologist Alexander Kessler, singers Helene Fischer and Julia Neigel, scientist Otto Oesterle – on all these personalities and other topics one can find reports in the Wall Calendar 2010 of the Historische Forschungsverein der Deutschen aus Russland [Historical Research Association for Germans from Russia].

There follow two tributes regarding the Calendar 2010.

  1. By State Secretary Markus Sackmann, MdL, Bavarian State Ministry for Employment and Social Order, the Family, and Women:

“As in previous years, the HFDR has again succeeded in publishing a Calendar that is far more than a mere calendar. It constitutes a major source of very informative articles on the history, traditions, culture and life style of the Germans from Russia. I sincerely hope that this Calendar might gain renown beyond the circle of Germans from Russia.

The final page of the calendar contains a listing of publications available from the HFDR. It comprises an entire spectrum ranging from general Heimatbuch series to special publications dealing with specific individual topics. With this series of Calendars the HFDR provides an important contribution to the research and analysis of the history, the accomplishments, and the general fate of the Germans from Russia. These publications are not directed only to historians, but should be of interest to a much broader circle of readers, and they are capable of strengthening among the general public an awareness of all that our fellow citizens have experienced and suffered. In that manner, these publications will also contribute to firm up the basis for successful integration. I would therefore find it desirable if the libraries of our State would take these publications into consideration and offer an appropriate selection of them for reading by the public.”

  1. By Sophie Wagner of Hamburg:

“Dear Countrymen, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the new Calendar by the HFDR for 2010 has been published.

These Calendars have been around since the year 2000. They constitute an act of gratitude to the friends and researchers of the history of Germans from Russia. The Calendar for the coming year contains interesting texts on important data, reports on church life, deals with the successes of our youth in sport and in their new homeland, reports on artists and scientists/ researchers from the group we call Germans from Russia, and presents the history of integration. Each topic is illustrated with images, and key citations are re-emphasized. The Calendar should make a good Christmas gift, not only for family members, but also for friends, neighbors, and colleagues.”

Our appreciation is extended to Alex Herzog for translation of this article.

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