The HFDR Photo Wall Calendar 2010

"The HFDR Photo Wall Calendar 2010." Volk auf dem Weg, July 2009, 32.
This translation from the original German-language text to American English is provided by Alex Herzog, Boulder, Colorado

Exciting Glimpses into the German-Russian Cultural History
Further details about Bishop Nikolaus Messmer (written by Dr. Alexander Hoffmann; cf. also the article on p. 19 in this issue) and about other personalities with German-Russian roots may be checked out in the 2010 Wall Calendar of the Historischer Forschungsverein der Deutschen aus Russland (HFDR) [Historical Research Association of Germans from Russia]. Via photos and text, the calendar presents many exciting glimpses into German life in Russia and in the Soviet Union, and additionally into the integration of Germans from Russia in this country.
Anton Bosch introduces the HFDR Calendar via an outline of the 200-year history of the Black Sea Germans, from their original immigration to their most recent present. The title photo shows the former gymnasium [classical high school] of Landau, Ukraine, as its current ruin (pictured in 2008) nicely depicts the topic visually.
As before, HFDR made an effort in this calendar as well to do justice to most of the settlement regions of the Germans in Russia. This is illustrated by the articles [translated titles:] "Origins of the German settlements in the Omsk region" (by Dr. Viktor Bruhl), "The Volga-German Republic, from its establishment to its dissolution" (by Johannes Herber), "German dialects in the Soviet Union" (by Dr. Inessa Hellwig-Fabian), "German Russians during the German occupation and thereafter" (by Michael Wanner), "Integration ninety years ago" (Gerhard Walter), and "The Exodus of the Mennonites" (by Johann Kampen).
The calendar's gallery of portraits, too, presents personalities with significant achievements or those who became successful here in the Federal Republic as Germans from the Soviet successor states or perhaps achieved national notoriety in this country [Germany].
In addition to the sketches about Bishop Messmer and about the meteorologists of the Crimea (specifically Alexander Kessler, by Hilda Riss), there are textual portraits of our countrymen of significant achievements in their new homeland: the singers Helene Fischer and Julia Neigel (by Nina Paulsen), the scientist Otto Oesterle (by Anton Bosch), the artist  Nikolaus Rode (by Nina Paulsen), and the female boxer Ina Menzer (by Reinhard Uhlmann).
The calendar is rounded out by valuable tips for genealogy researchers, put together by Waldemar Pflug, as well as a summary of previous publications in image and text by the HFDR.

Our appreciation is extended to ALex Herzog for translation of this article.

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