First Communion on Pentecost 1937 in Krasna

Riehl, Max. "First Communion on Pentecost 1937 in Krasna." Mitteilungsblatt, June 2017, 6.

Translation from the original German-language text to American English is provided by Alex Herzog, Boulder, CO and editorial assistance from Dr. Nancy Herzog.

Translator’s Note: The following is, at best, a “loose” translation of a rhymed story, with no pretense of delivering the rhyming in the English version, but attempting to produce the sense of the original language. – A.H

Pentecost 1937

On Pentecost, eighty years ago,
Our First Communion celebration took place.
It was the most beautiful day of my childhood,
One I keep reliving in my dreams.

The highlight was when
Two angels led us to the altar.
In the pastor's house, tables were being set
For the First Communion children of 1937.

Many foods were set out
That we had never seen in everyday life.
For us children it was an event
We rarely experienced.

The day was not yet over.
Many photos were taken.
A group photo in the garden
Became the last one for the day.

Of the original sixty, three can
Still take a look back on their childhood time.
Many years have passed,
Remaining are the memories.

Left to right: Georg Krams, Klemens Spinznagel, Maximilian Riehl, Emil Riehl, Johannes Bachmeier. Unknown hidden name behind Max Riehl. The girls: Rosa Ternes of Dirk (presumably), Anna Ruscheinsky of Hermann, and (closest to the front) Katharina (Kaddel) Boht. The photo was granted to Max Riehl around 1955 from the estate of Pastor Schumacher via Adolf Furch, who was in contact with Schumacher at the time. The back of the photo contains handwritten inscription: "Riehl tells fairy tales. Pentecost 1937."
Anna Ruscheinsky at 90 years of age; has two daughters, four grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. Of the nine, only two are alive: Anna Ruscheinsky and Max Riehl.

Appreciation is extended to Dr. Nancy Herzog for editing and to Alex Herzog for translation of this article..

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