Cultural Council of the Germans From Russia, Reg., (CCGR)

Kulturrat der Deutschen aus Rußland e.V. (KDR)

Dr. Herbert Wiens Re-elected [wins re-election]

Dr. Herbert Wiens Wiedergewählt

"Cultural Council of the Germans From Russia." Volk auf dem Weg, November 1993, 3.

Translation from German to English by Ingeborg Wallner Smith, Western Springs, Illinois

There were no surprises at the meeting of the members of the Cultural Council of the Landsmannschaft of the German from Russia (KDR) that met on October 17, 1993 in the Würzburger Technikum-Hotel in a cultural conference of the Landsmannschaft. Of the eligible voters, 48 (of 52) cast their secret ballot for the present director, retired headmaster Dr. Herbert Wiens, who has recently distinguished himself in keeping up the Landsmannschaft’s contacts with the Germans in the CIS and who was able to put out some noteworthy brochures about the Russian-Germans.

The remaining officers were likewise voted on by means of the secret ballot (with oppositions). Elected as Deputy-Director was Johann Warkentin, author of the Excellent book about the history and present situation of our people “Russian-Germans – Wherefrom? Whereto?” and active originator of the regional group Berlin-Brandenburg of the Landsmannschaft of the Germans from Russia.

Eugenie Erhard became a committee member by re-elction, Ernst Strohmeaier was newly elected, whereas Abram Klassen of the national Board of Directors of the Landsmannschaft automatically also became a member of the Board of the Cultural Council. Ruth Klötzel and Maria Zernickel remain honorary members of the Board of Directors.

The following took part in the extremely varied overall program put together by the cultural expert, Kristina Teppert: Dr. Hans-Jakob Tebarth (Cultural Foundation of the German expellees, Bonn), Dr. Dietmar Neutatz (Institute for Culture and History in Eastern Europe, Düsseldorf), Viktor Herdt (Göttingen), Sylvia Gressler (Göttingen), Viktor Krieger (Pforzheim) and other experts in Russia-German research, together with many contemporary witnesses from among the participants, with lectures and, in part, controversial contributions. A brochure with the papers will be offered by the Landsmannschaft at the end of 1993.

The national chairman of the Landsmannschaft of the Germans from Russia Alois Reiss, as well as national administrator, Anton Wangler, appeared on its behalf with joint papers concerning the relationship between the Landsmannschaft and the Cultural Council, while the National Deputy-Director, Abram Klassen acted as chairman of the meeting.

(Election Supervisors: Josef Helmel, Magdalena, Meridan, Abram Klassen).

Our appreciation is extended to Ingeborg Smith for translation of this article.

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