German-Russian Commemorative Days

Russlanddeutsche Gedenktage

Eisfeld, Alfred. "German-Russian Commemortaive Days." Volk auf dem Weg, January 2008, 46.

Translation from German to English by Alex Herzog

During the Year 2008

1808: Founding of the colonies of Kandel, Selz and Strassburg in the Kutschurgan region (200 years).

1818: Founding of the colonies in Georgia (190 years).

February 24 - 28, 1918: Warenburg Conference of German representatives from the agricultural administrations of the Nevouzensk, Nikolayevsk, Kamyshin, Atkarsk and Saratov districts (90 years).

June 30, 1918: First Soviet Congress of the Volga-German colonies (90 years).

October 19, 1918: Decree by the Council of People's Commissars of Russia concerning the establishment of the Autonomous Region of Volga-Germans (90 years).

November 5, 1938: Liquidation of the German Rayon on the Altai region (70 years).

November 26, 1948: Decree by the Supreme Soviet on the legal punishment for leaving the places of special settlement without authorization.

During the Year 2009

1809: Founding of the Baden colonies in the Kutschurgan district; of Glueckstal, Neudorf, and Bergdorf in the Gleuckstal area; of Landau, Speyer and Rophrbach in the Beresan region and of Waldorf on the Molotchna (200 years).

January 9, 1974: Decree by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR concerning the lifting of restrictions for deported people in choosing their place of residence (35 years).

February 19, 1919: Founding of the Association of Mennonites of South Russia (90 years).

March, 1939: Liquidation of the German Rayon in Ukraine (80 years).

June 20, 1789: Johann Cornies' 220th birthday.

July 20, 1919: Uprising in Grossliebental, Kleinliebental, Selz and Worms (90 years).

November 29, 1919: Attack raid on the colonies on the Molotschna; massacre in Sagradovka results in 214 victims (90 years).

November, 1929: 14,000 German-Russian farmers attempt to leave the USSR via Moscow to emigrate overseas (80 years).

During the Year 2010

1810: Founding of the colonies of Mannheim and Elsass in the Kutschurgan region; of Kassel in the Glueckstal area; of Worms, Sulz, Karlsruhe, Rasatt and Muenchen in the Beresan region; of Durlach, Gruental, Heidelberg, Hochstaett, Kostheim, Leitershausen and Reichenfeld on the Molotshna; as well as Kronental on Crimea (200 years).

December 13, 1955: Decree concerning the lifting of "special settlements" status (55 years).

Our appreciation is extended to Alex Herzog for translation of this article.

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