Greetings from Alt-Posttal (Bessarabia, Ukraine)

"Greetings from Alt-Posttal (Bessarabia, Ukraine)." Mitteilungsblatt, April 2009, 24.
This translation from the original German-language text to American English is provided by Alex Herzog, Boulder, Colorado

A Letter from Alt-Posttal
[Greetings] to all Germans who once lived in Alt-Posttal and today still have many friends and acquaintances in Alt-Posttal. Greetings to all Germans who visited Alt-Posttal on September 14, 2008, when our village celebrated the 185th anniversary of the founding of the colony Alt-Posttal.
We had a really fine celebration. Teachers and pupils had prepared presentations, to which they had invited many guests from Tarutino, the Tarutino District, and from Germany. The students and their teachers were very happy when guests came from Germany.

The weather was very cold at the time! We thank all guests who made the longer journey during such cold weather. Thank God that it did not rain on September 14 as it had done the entire week prior. Mr. Edmund Gaeckle of Sassenburg-Stuende had arrived in Alt-Posttal on Sunday, the 13th of September. Edmund Gaeckle is our German organizer of all Alt-Posttal celebrations. Edmund Gaeckle and Anna Thuau of Nenndorf are our dear friends. For many years they have been helping the school, the kindergarten and the poor.
Thirty-five guests from Germany were in attendance on September 14. The celebration began with a  church service. The children met the guests with the [traditional] bread and then invited them to come to the school, where the children and teachers presented a fine concert. The children sang German songs and presented a comedy in German. Our guests were pleased, and the students were happy that the guests liked the concert.
A second portion of the celebration took place on the sports field. The mayor of the village, Ivan Gutkan, congratulated the oldest residents of Alt-Posttal, families with the most children, the best workers, etc. He presented them with very nice gifts. On the field there also were shops and cafes. The children presented a second concert for the entire village and for the guests, and players from Tarutino, Akkerman and from villages of the Tarutino District also participated in this concert.
Our guests did not wish to drive to Sergeyevka.
From the name of the Bessarabia Association, Mr. Gaeckle presented money for the village, a large and important sum of  3,500 Euros. With this money Ivan Gutkan renovated an old German church and bought a modern computer for the school, but the largest portion of the money Ivan Gutkan retained for a new Christian church that is now being built in the village.

Our appreciation is extended to Alex Herzog for translation of this article.

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