The Heimatbuch 2007/2008 is Here!

Das Heimatbuch 2007/2008 ist da!

"The Heimatbuch 2007/2008 is Here!" Volk auf dem Weg, November 2007, 3.

Translation from the original German to American English is provided by Alex Herzog, Boulder, Colorado

Just in time, toward the end of the year, we have made it: the Heimatbuch 2007/2008 is ready to go into print beginning of this month, and by the middle of November it may arrive at your place! This is the 31st volume in a long series of publications that began with the publication of the first Heimatbuch in 1954!

As in previous years, you have the following choice: you may keep the Heimatbuch without paying a cent - as a present from the Landsmannschaft to you and yours.

Or, as a sign of how much you value our work, you may send us a donation that, of course, entirely depends on your financial means.

In making your decision, please do not forget that: without your donation it would and would have been impossible for some time now for us to continue publishing the Heimatbuch, whose first volume appeared 53 years ago. But then we would all miss what for most of our readers signifies the core of the Landsmannschaft!

These Heimatbuecher are your books, they are our books, they are books for our ethnic group, which has been marked by fate!

And they appear in a form that is absolutely unique with regard to books that deal with the Germans within and outside of the former Soviet Union.

The editors of the Heimatbuch once again have taken great care to address the widest possible spectrum. The titles of some of the roughly 20 contributions demonstrate this.

- Federal citizens of German-Russian origin
- In memory of the victims of displacement
- German settlers and the Bolshevist regime
- Germans from Crimea in work camps of the Sverdlovsk region
- The effects of the 2nd WW on the educational levels and sense of identity
of German-Russians, with Siberia as an example
- Courageous path of conscience (a portrait of Bishop Joseph Werth)
- Viktor Schaefer - one of us
- Carl Schmidt, an architect in St. Petersburg
- "... led by my your poem through the world of great prose"

We are certain that the hours you will spend reading our Heimatbuch will be worthwhile!

Your Landsmannschaft

Our appreciation is extended to Alex Herzog for translation of this article.

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