9,375 Germans in Alma Ata

"9,375 Germans in Alma Ata." Volk auf dem Weg, June 1991, 15.

Translation from German to English by Alma M. Herman, July, 1991

The Zeitung.der Wolgadeutschen (newpaper of the Volga Germans), which has appeared in Saratow for several months, shared with its readers in February,1991, the number of Germans living in the main cities of the Union Republics. According to the report, it was as follows in 1989: In Moscow 1355; Kiew 142; Minsk 50; Taschkent 1834; Alma-Ata 9375; Tiflis 127; Baku 134; Wilna 81; Kischenew 112; Riga 322; Beschkek ( Frunse ) 5672; Duschanbe 7048, Erewan 60 ; Aschchabad 189 and in Tallinn 145.

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