The German Cultural Center “Hoffnung [Hope]” in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Hindemith, Axel. "The German Cultural Center “Hoffnung [Hope]” in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova." Mitteilungsblatt, July 2010, 20.

Translation from the original German-language text to American English is provided by Alex Herzog, Boulder, CO. 

The June, 2010 issue (#6) of the Mitteilungsblatt carried a brief notice concerning the German Cultural Center “Hoffnung” in Chisinau. Chairwoman Tatiana Iuriev expressed her thanks for the offer from the Bessarabian German Association to send the Mitteilungsblatt there on a regular basis.

The Cultural Center is an institution in Moldova intended for the benefit of the community. It is located in   Chisinau, the capital city. Members of the German minority founded the Cultural Center in 1990, a year before the country gained independence from the Soviet Union.

The Cultural Center has 800 members, and 283 of those are of German origin – their passport designates their nationality as German. The rest are members of their families.

The chief goal of the Cultural Center is the revival and fostering of German culture, especially the German language and German customs. Courses in the German language are available for young and old. Festive occasions such as Easter, Christmas, Carnival, Mother’s Day and the Day of German Unity [now October 3] are marked with various events. There is an annual musical evening honoring a specific German composer, and during the fall a literary evening is dedicated to a German writer, whose works are read or staged as a theater piece. The Cultural Center also offers the following:

            A women’s and seniors club
            A club for youth, with regular language camps
            Drawing, handcrafts and cooking groups
            A library containing around German-language 4,000 books, plus newspapers in German
Choral and dance groups from our Cultural Center have already performed in other countries. Contacts exist with the city of Mannheim, sponsor city of Chisinau. We would be very pleased to receive invitations to conventions, seminars, and festivals in Germany.        

Performance in the Cultural Center
The Cultural Center Building

Our appreciation is extended to Alex Herzog for translation of this article.

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