Historical Research Society Takes Stock After Three Years

Historischer Forschungsverein zog Dreijahresbilanz

Kampen, Johann. "Historical Research Society Takes Stock After Three Years." Volk auf dem Weg, January 2003, 38.

Translation from German to English by Alex Herzog, Boulder, Colorado

On November 23 the Historische Forschungsverein der Deutschen aus Russland [Historical Research Society for Germans from Russia] gathered for its general meeting, including elections to the board, at the Haus der Heimat in Nürnberg.

The society, which was founded on November 20, 1999, exists mainly because of the engagement of its volunteers, through its members' willingness to make sacrifices, and from the support of Nürnberg's Haus der Heimat, which provides the society with space and shows itself at its best especially for important projects. Almost exclusively, members of the Society are Germans from Russia now living in Germany. German is the language spoken at the conference. Most members speak both German and Russian; a few still find it diffucult to master the German language, while others must pass on speaking Russian. The youngest member of the Society, Waldemar Pflug, is twenty- eight years old, the senior member is Dr. Adolf Bosch, now ninty years old.

As chairman Anton Bosch reported in his annual report, the Society is, all in all, not doing badly. One can envy the friends of the Germans from Russia Historical Research for the publications it has produced in its first three years despite problems involved in production and sales, as Bosch indicated: "Our aim is still the publication of books." He apparently does not place much
stock in the Internet, which, in his opinion, "costs us much effort, without anything in return."

Relationships with the Landsmannschaft der Deutschen aus Russland are good, since most members of the Historical Research Society are also members of the Landsmannschaft. Without exception, the entire new board is among the membership of the Landsmsnnschaft. They are:

Anton Bosch (Chair), Anton Bertsch and Michael Wanner (Vice-Chairs), Erna Malygin (Treasurer), Reinhard Uhlmann (Secretary), Dr. Waldemar Streib and Eduard Heinrich (Auditors).

The following projects are part of the immediate goal of the Society:

-- Folk and traditional clothing of the Germans from Russia
-- History of the Crimea-Germans
-- Documenting the German victims of the Years of Terror, 1937/38
-- Archiving the existing publication inventory
-- Recording of German-Russian school books 1920 -1941
-- Documentation concerning Churches and Institutions of the
-- Documentation concerning German-Russian cemeteries

Written by Johann Kampen

Participants at the annual conference of the Historical Research Society for
Germans from Russia during late autumn, 2002.


Publications Available from the "Historical Research Society of Germans from Russia":

  • Wandbildkalender 2003, including an emigration map and twelve color pictures of German-Russian personalites.
  • Konrad Keller, "Die Deutschen Kolonien in Suedrussland [The German Colonies in South-Russia]," 445 pages.
  • Johannes Kufeld, "Die Deutschen Kolonien an der Wolga [The German Colonies in the Volga Region]," new edition, 603 pages.
  • Ulrich Mertens, "Handbuch Russland-Deutsche [Handbook on German-Russians]," including an index of villages, 562 pages.
  • Anton Bosch (Publisher), "Almanach 2000/2001," includes contributions by members of the HFDR, 501 pages.
  • Anton Bosch (Publisher), "Russlanddeutsche Zeitgeschichte [Contemporary German-Russian History]," 2002, Dispossession and Deportation,
    501 pages.
  • Anton Bosch (Publisher), "Russlanddeutsche Zeitgeschichte [Contemporary German-Russian History]," Volume 3, Settlements and further
    Migrations, 450 pages.

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