Kleinliebental im Internet

Fetsch, Albert. "Kleinliebental im Internet." Volk auf dem Weg, May 1999, 39.

Translation from German to English by Brigitte von Budde, Germans from Russia Heritage Collection.


A German-language homepage about Kleinliebental has recently been put on the Internet by our countryman, Peter Mock, who emigrated to Canada with his parents last year. He has created it with Doris Malsam Dickenson, the coordinator for the genealogists of Kleinliebental.

The homepage can get accessed through:

You can also try the links of the Beresan homepage and if you like, use the search engine "Beresan" or "Kutschurgan" and you will get a vast amount of information about the former German colonies in the Black Sea area. "Kleinliebental is a village which was founded by German settlers in 1804 near the city of Odessa by the Black Sea. This homepage contains information about the village and its former residents and should help you in your own research or at least stimulate you to work on the history of your ancestors." That's how Peter Mock greets the readers of his homepage.

Then the visitor can look up the individual chapters of this extensive homepage. He will find an abstract of the village history, photos of the past and present, reports from the Odessaer Zeitung which was published from 1863 - 1914, and in 1917 and 1918; a description of the village which was taken from Conrad Keller's book Die deutschen Kolonien in Südrußland 1804-1905. A listing of events and conditions in Kleinliebental from 1808 - 1905 is in part quite amusing. The following entry is found for March 1816: "The community of Kleinliebental sues inspector Hippius for the following reasons: 1) He got drunk from punch 2) has demanded on 26 February of this year that butter and eggs be collected in the village 3) demanded that each farmer sow him half a pud of summer wheat 4) he wants to have filled his small bag each time when he comes to the village 5) demanded from F. Däschle 2 Tschetwert wheat so that latter won't be punished because of his law suit."

The purpose of a homepage is to make information available to anyone interested. They themselves can turn to the authors through the given e-mail address and can make available to them material from their own research for additions to this homepage. In time a more complete portrayal of this settlement in the Black Sea region will be the result.

Postscript: Obviously the authors of the Kleinliebental homepage are avid readers of our paper because they have continued to write the history of former residents of Kleinliebental through data of our greeting, inquiry and obituary columns in a chapter of Volk auf dem Weg.

Our appreciation is extended to Brigitte von Budde for translation of this article.

Reprinted with permission of Volk auf dem Weg, Landsmannschaft der Deutschen aus Rußland, Stuttgart, Germany.

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