Ruth Kloetzel: 70 Years old and not a bit Tired

Ruth Kloetzel: 70 Jahre und Kein Bisschen Muede

Kampen, Johann. "Ruth Kloetzel: 70 Years old and not a bit Tired." Volk auf dem Weg, April 2005, 43.

Translation from the original German to American English by Alex Herzog, Boulder, Colorado

Ruth Kloetzel at her former desk in the national business office of the Landsmannschaft.

For 40 years she has been among the most loyal members of our Landsmannschaft, even though she is not a German from Russia in the specific sense of that phrase.

Ruth Kloetzel at her former desk
in the national business office of
the Landsmannschaft.

Ruth Kloetzel (born in Igersheim, Lower Franconia) achieved this status -- an integral provision of the Bylaws of the Landsmannschaft der Deutschen aus Russland -- in a not so usual manner: about a half century ago when she accepted the proposal of marriage from a smart looking refugee Stefan Kloetzel from Mannheim in the Odessa region! Observing the couple these days, gliding across the dance floor or singing in the Stuttgart choir "Heimatklaenge [Sounds of Home]," one's prompt reaction might that one is watching true harmony in the best traditional sense.

It is an astounding fact that Ruth Kloetzel will have reached 70 years of age on April 29, 2005. Until recently, one could find her in the national business office of the Landsmannschaft behind a mountain of papers, and even now there are occasions one finds her providing visitors with answers to complicated questions concerning societal matters or giving information from the backdrop of her rich experience working with a great variety of bosses in the Landsmannschaft. There are very few who know as much about the history of the Landsmannschaft as does Mrs. Kloetzel.

Her career at the Landsmannschaft took its course as was very common in earlier times: a good ten years as a volunteer, then part-time employment from 1977 until 1989. Only after this long "probation" period did her assignment turn into a full-time paid staff position, mainly due to the large increase in the newly arriving Aussiedler -- a job which Ruth Kloetzel filled until her official retirement in 2000 (and as of 1992 as social concerns expert at our HQ at Raitelsberger Strasse 49 in Stuttgart). Her forte through all those years has been her deep knowledge base concerning social laws, which she would explain to our immigrant and late-arriving immigrant Germans from Russia -- free of any party-political consideration, without personal bias, and in clearly understandable German. Thanks to her great command of the German language, she often also served on the side as the author of various protocols, letters to various authorities, on behalf of diverse departmental directors for our association.

When asked about things are going for her in matters of her own health or that of her Stefan, Ruth always answers, without hesitation: "Thanks, very fine." Ruth is also very happy about her daughter, both sons, and her five grandchildren. Her hobbies include dancing, singing, and traveling -- all things that keep a person young!

Volk auf dem Weg would like to wish her continued happiness and to express our hope that she may remain true to her Germans from Russia for a long time to come.

Our appreciation is extended to Alex Herzog for translation of this article.

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