Neuendorf in Bild und Wort (Neuendorf in Picture and Word Chortitzer District, Ukraine 1789-1943)

A Book of Mennonite History

"Neuendorf in Bild und Wort (Neuendorf in Picture and Word)." Volk auf dem Weg, June 1991, 17.

Translation from German to English by Alma M. Herman

Copies of this book may be ordered from: Franz Thiessen, Brandenburger Ring 16, D. 4992 Espelkamp or Mennonitischer Buchversand, Gary, J. Waltner, D 6719, Weierhof/ Bolanden. Numerous pictures and maps - 409 pages in large format. Price DM 70 plus postage. The presentations of this summarized work about the history and fate of a village in an old colony can be considered representative of many once-German villages and the German Mennonites. The reprint of the 1984 first edition book offers a wide circulation of lecturers and can be a rich source of information useful in personal histories.

Our appreciation is extended to Alma M. Herman for translation of this article.

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