2000 - No Bundestreffen in Stuttgart

"2000 – No Bundestreffen in Stuttgart." Volk aud dem Weg, March 2000, 2.

Abstract of article in English by Alice Morgenstern, Munich, Germany

After consulting the most important participants during the conferences in Kassel and Würzburg, Germany, in January and February the Bundesvorstand (the managing committee) of the Landsmannschaft of the Russian Germans has finally decided to cancel this year's Bundestreffen (the general meeting of Russian Germans) in Stuttgart.

It was done reluctantly and with great regret, but there are weighty reasons against it. The Landsmannschaft has been existing for exactly 50 years now. This great anniversary should be celebrated by special cultural events. Therefore a great cultural meeting is planned for October 15, 2000, in Stuttgart, on the very day when the Landsmannschaft was founded 50 years ago.

Another important date will be the reunion of the various German delegations, probably on October 28-29.

There is not yet a fixed date for a third event: the German Russian cultural award, granted by the sponsoring Bundesland (Federal State) Baden Württemberg.

Accordingly this year's endeavors must be focussed on these enterprises.

But also financial considerations led to the "no" to the Bundestreffen. On one hand the fixed prices for the meeting are considerable, whereas the number of paying visitors has been continuously decreasing. A further decrease of 30% is expected.

Last but not least the Bundesgeschäftsstelle (the general office) is overworked as it is, and sees unsurpassable problems in arranging more than one major event per annum, especially as such an organization cannot be left to volunteers only.

A realistic evaluation of financial and personal possibilities must eventually lead to a three years' rhythm for all the greater enterprises of the Landsmannschaft.

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