Regarding the Trauerbuch Odessa (Odessa Mourning Book)

Zum Trauerbuch Odessa

Bosch, Anton. "Regarding the Trauerbuch Odessa (Odessa Mourning Book)." Volk auf dem Weg, February 2007, 21.

Translation from the original German-langauge text to American English provided by Alex Herzog, Boulder, Colorado

The publishers of this book, which appeared at the end of October 2006 and which we reported on in the November 2006 issue of VadW, have been happily surprised and quite overwhelmed by questions and numerous comments, and the first printing was exhausted within only ten weeks.

All this activity confirms that this book has been awaited for a long time by relatives and descendants of those who were liquidated. In numerous phoned and written comments, many readers said: "It was exactly like that. My father, who survived the massacre and after ten years in the GULag was released to his family in the 'Spezposelneye' [??? - Tr.], has been waiting longingly for this kind of a book, in which the 'whole truth' is recorded."

Still, the authors were not really able to ascertain the whole truth and thus at times had to be satisfied with incomplete information.

As can be seen from the published lists of names of the Odessa, Nikolayev and Cherson regions, the birth place of many persons was simply as "Odessa region." As a rule, for these persons the dates of arrest or execution and other information are also missing. Since the missing information is simply unavailable from currently accessible sources, the authors ask the close relatives and family members as well as those knowledgeable of the former German villages to help to close as many gaps as possible.

This must happen as quickly as possible, simply because the older people who still have some of this knowledge are about to leave us and take their information to the grave irrevocably. So, since a second, expanded and corrected edition of the "Trauerbuch Odessa" is already being prepared, we are urgently in need of assistance from our readers. So, all please help so that this work can realize a timely completion and still be published this year.

Your writings should contain only, as far is known, data from memory or from available "death certificates" from the Odessa, Nikolayev and Cherson regions and other places of residence in Kazakhstan and Siberia that might have been issued by now by the appropriate authorities. Please send these to the following addresses: Anton Bosch, Schwimbacher Str. 9, 90453 Bueremberg, tel. : [from the US:] 011-49-911-6329782, [from Germany:] 0811-6329782; or to Michael Wanner, Frankenstr. 10, 93128 Regenstauf; tel.: 011-49-9402-3916 or 09402-3916, resp.

To help you orient your information properly, please remember the following key pieces of information: Name; birth year and place; nationality; state of citizenship; occupation; education/class; employment position; place of residence before the arrest; arrested by whom and when; charges; date of sentencing; the court in question; term and type of punishment; date and place of death; any data regarding rehabilitation.

Our appreciation is extended to Alex Herzog for translation of this article.

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