To Odessa for its Bicentennial Celebration

Zur 200-Jahres-Feier Nach Odessa

"To Odessa for its Bicentennial Celebration." Volk auf dem Weg, November 1993, 16.

Translation from German to English by Ingeborg Wallner Smith, Western Springs, Illinois

Because many of our countrymen from Germany and also from the USA and Canada have expressed the wish to join us, we are again undertaking a two-week trip next year (from May 15th, 1994) from Stuttgart to our former hometowns in the Kutschurgan, Großsliebenbtal, Hoffnungstal, and Beresan region in the territory, Odessa. The trip (by bus) is being organized under the direction of Johannes Frey, who had already lead several trips.

For more information – this trip will fill up quickly – call 0 70 31 28 92 37.

Our appreciation is extended to Ingeborg Smith for translation of this article.

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