Farewell to Father Reinhardt

Abschied von Pater Reinhardt

"Farewell to Father Reinhardt." Volk auf dem Weg, December 2004, 11.

Translation from German to American English by Alex Herzog, Boulder, Colorado

After 14 years of serving his countrymen, the Germans from Russia, the Inspector of the Conference of German Bishops, Father Eugen Reinhardt, went in to retirement in the fall of this [past] year.

As Adolf Fetsch, national president of the Landsmannschaft of Germans from Russia, emphasized during a going-away reception in October at the national office of the Landsmannschaft in Stuttgart, as her retires, Father Reinhardt is actually entering very active years at his old former place of work, the Philippines, where he had already worked for 25 years before. For his first project there he has chosen to look after a residence for retired priests. Father Reinhardt has won recognition far beyond his own profession with his work in caring for German-Russian Aussiedler and the late Aussiedler, and it will be difficult to find an adequate successor. For his contributions he was presented by Adolf Fetsch the Golden Pin of Merit of the Landsmannschaft. Humbly, as has always been his way, Father Reinhardt deflected overly enthusiastic demonstrations of gratitude with these words: "We only did what we understood to be our service." And his further life he wishes to spend according to a saying by Confucius: "At fifteen I decided to learn; at thirty I was standing fast; at forty I was free of doubt; at fifty I recognized Heaven's Will; at sixty I was still eager to learn; and at seventy I was able to follow my heart's desires without violating justice."

In addition to a number of employees of the Landsmannschaft and many loyal friends from the last 14 years of his work, also present at his celebration were Volga-German guests from Argentina who are traveling in Germany on behalf of matters concerning our ethnic group.

Our appreciation is extended to Alex Herzog for translation of this article.

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