Founding of a Relief Organization of Germans From Russia

Hilfswerk der Russlanddeutschen Gegruendet

"Founding of a Relief Organization of Germans From Russia." Volk auf dem Weg, January 2005, 5.

Translation from German to American English by Alex Herzog, Boulder, Colorado

Participants at the Founding Meeting

With the full complement of the board members of the Landsmannschaft in attendance at its Stuttgart headquarters on December 10, 2004, the "Relief Organization of Germans from Russia" was officially established. Its aim is to coordinate all assistance activities for our countrymen in the CIS.

This organization, which the Federal Government has also encouraged, sees its main task, as expressed in its bylaws, in the support of cultural and social concerns, as well as in the improvement of living conditions for Germans in the successor states of the former USSR. One primary example is the support for construction and reconstruction as well as maintenance and renovation of churches and their furnishings and equipment that will be used for the common benefit of communities. Concrete assistance is to be provided also to homes for the elderly, children's homes, kindergartens and schools, as well as equipment and furnishings for care of the sick, social support centers, libraries, archives, houses of culture and other cultural institutions.

Following detailed discussion on the purpose and aims of such an organization, the group, led by the vice-chair of the Landsmannschaft, Waldemar Neumann, appointed the national chairman of the Landsmannschaft, Adolf Fetsch, as First Chairman of the new organization. Named as members of its board were Alfred Braun, vice chair of the board of the Landsmsnnschaft; Dr. Arthur Bechert, member of the national board; and historian Dr. Alfred Eisfeld.

Further elected as members of the new board were the following, who also participated in the meeting: Edgard L. Born, pastor and special representative to Germans from Russia of the Evangelical Church of Westphalia; Franz M. Herzog, Director of the Center for the Care of Refugee and Immigrant Germans of the German Bishops Conference; and Eduard Lippert, chairman of the Ecclesiastical Society of Evangelical-Lutherans from Russia.

Our appreciation is extended to Alex Herzog for translation of this article.

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