Renovated Church in Kulm

Kison, Hilda. "Renovated Church in Kulm." Mitteilungsblatt, January 2012, 20.

Translation from the original German-language text to American English is provided by Alex Herzog, Boulder, CO. 

Toward the end of August, 2011 Karin Bruckner and several young people with an interest in history undertook an educational trip to Bessarabia.

Among the travelers were our nephew Karl Wägerle and his wife Monika. Being fluent in Russian, Karin Bruckner was able to persuade the keeper of the keys for the church in Kulm to open the building for the traveling group.

After the trip, when she showed us her photos, we were astonished when we saw what used to be our church in Kulm. This building, which had been given up as a lost cause, was now gleaming with new sparkle, not as a church, but as a cultural space. The wooden floor has been replaced by tiles, and the walls looked freshly painted. At least part of the sanctuary space was also newly painted. Behind the curtain at the far wall one could see indications of hidden remains of a mural showing the cross of Golgotha.

Tears came to the eyes of those of us remaining members of a generation that has lived through it all, and when Monika presented her mother-in-law with a glass vessel containing a bit of soil from Kulm and we were able to move our fingers through the dirt, the tears were ready to flow once again. 

The renovated interior of the former church in Kulm, now being used as a cultural space.

Our appreciation is extended to Alex Herzog for translating and to Dr. Nancy A. Herzog for editing this article.

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