The Speyer Community is 200 Years Old
Wegner, Elvira. "The Speyer Community is 200 Years Old" Volk auf dem Weg, June, 2009, 43

This translation from the original German-language text to American English is provided by Alex Herzog, Boulder, Colorado

This fall the German colony of Speyer (now known as Prishchaniy Brid) in the Odessa region will celebrate its two-hundredth anniversary. 

Preparations are in full gear. A few restoration items are still being completed in the church, and at the entrances to the locale, crosses and anniversary signs with the inscription "Prishchaniy Brid" are being put up.
As I have previously reported in "Volk auf dem Weg," a memorial honoring our ancestors who lived in Speyer between 1809 and 1944 was erected in the village in 2007. There is now some thinking of putting up a grave stone or a cross in the former German cemetery. I have already received some sketches for this in the mail.
For the [upcoming] celebration, an exhibit entitled "Speyer -- Prishchaniy -- 200 Years Old" is being organized. Also, school children and youth will participate in a competitions dealing with the history of the locale, to include stories in three languages (German, Ukrainian and Russian), photos, drawings, etc.
This work and all the preparations are being completed at the initiative of the Orthodox priest of the church in Prishchaniy Brid, and with the support of sponsors and private donors.
The efforts of the priest during the last sixteen years involving the development of cultural projects and especially the spiritual life of the village community have resulted in gaining many like-minded people who are assisting him in making his ideas become reality. For the 200-year anniversary he has developed a collection of cards with the themes "Two Hundred Years of Prishchaniy Brid" and "145 Years of Svyato-Prishchaniy Temple." I have already been sent a few samples. The regional newspaper has published an article on the preparations for the anniversary celebrations, and the Archbishop of Nikolayev will be invited for the festivities.
On behalf of Ioann Fechko I wish to remind the Germans from Russia of this event and to invite them to participate in the festivities (expected for mid-September, 2009).

The actual date will be announced in due time.
Elvira Wegner
Kluftener Str. 134
88048 Friedrichshafen, Germany

Phone: 011-49-7544-73699 [from the USA]

Our appreciation is extended to Alex Herzog for translation of this article.

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