Stefan Kloetzel 85

Kloetzel (Heidelberg), Ruth and Stefen. "Stefan Kloetzel 85." Volk auf dem Weg, April 2009, 38.

This translation from the original German-language text to American English is provided by Alex Herzog, Boulder, Colorado

Translator's Note: the poem, which is written to rhyme the original, is here translated rather "freely."

On March 2, our dear friend Waldemar Hergert (left, pictured with Stefan Kloetzel) completed his 55th year of age. He is always ready to help and ready to act. For this we sincerely thank him, we congratulate him, and we wish him everything dear and good, especially good health, God's blessing, and much enjoyment with music.

With my dear man at my side,
    Today I wish to honor and praise him!
    He has me, and I have him,
    And that's how life has real meaning.

    Look at him, this beautiful man,
    One who can also play the balalaika,
    And the younger man beside him, Waldemar, his teacher,
    Who is very musical and hears every mistake.

    Instead of notes, letters must be practiced,
    Even until your fingers are in pain,
    Practice until the polka and the waltz are just right
    And Waldemar's eyes begin to sparkle.

    To play and to sing together is important;
    But when a tango is intoned, you're moved even more;
    For dancing is life's elixir
    And bronze, silver and gold medals become your decorations.
    With physical exercise each day you'll attain
    Even your twenty-first sports achievement certificate.
    Every time, it's running, swimming, long jump, shot put,
    Only the great achieve this much in sports.

    For the youth you can be a role model,
    For he who rests, indeed rusts.
    Moving around in the outdoors! Be active! That's your motto!
    Your daily mid-day snooze -- enjoy it.

    A weekly sauna keeps you balanced,
    So that viruses simply have no chance.
    And so, with giant steps there comes a huge day!
    On February 20 you'll complete your 85th year!

    What a reason to give thanks
    For keeping it all together, even on difficult days.
    You're always there, caring for your family!
    Everyone loves this husband, this father, this Opa and Great Opa!

    Whenever I came home, tired from work,
    You waited for me and took me into your arms,
    You gave advice when it was needed!
    Thank you, my dear one, for 54 years together!

    I wish you happiness, good health, joy, God's blessing.
    May you be able to move freely for a long time to come!
    Take it easy just a little, and enjoy a sip of wine;
    So we'll be happy together for a long time!
    Others wish you the best as well,
    Including the gigantic Kloetzel Clan!
    It is good we've been blessed to have you!
    Everyone loves you, but especially your Ruth!

Our appreciation is extended to Alex Herzog for translation of this article.

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