Stuttgart's The "Heimatklaenge" Choir - Twenty Years Under the Direction of Marina Bauer

Stuttgart: Chor "Heimatklaenge" Seit 20 Jahren Unter Leitung von Marina Bauer

Bauer, Marina. "Stuttgart's The "Heimatklaenge" Choir - Twenty Years Under the Direction of Marina Bauer." Volk auf dem Weg, November 2008, 14.

This translation from the original German-language text to American English is provided by Alex Herzog, Boulder, Colorado

*On the occasion of twenty years under director Marina Bauer, the "Heimatklaenge" choir of the county and local chapter Stuttgart at 7 PM on November 13th will present a special concert in Stuttgart, Schlossstr. 92, to which all countrymen and women are invited. *

**The mixed choir "Heimatklaenge" was established in December, 1984 and since 1988 has been under the direction of Marina Bauer. With the exception of Ruth Kloetzel, who was born in Germany and is married to a German from Russia, all members of the choir are Germans from the former Soviet Union.

Thirty female and male singers, ranging between thirty-three to eighty-six years in age, belong to this choir. They are not professionals, but singing provides them with great joy. The repertoire - always sung in four parts - comprises German folk songs. especially those we had sung in Russia, melodies from operettas, songs by famous composers such as Bach, Silcher and Brahms, and from the treasury of spiritual numbers or hymns. As of very recently, we've been experimenting with songs in English, and as requested, we love to sing songs in Ukrainian and Russian. We have two female soloists, a women's chorus, and an instrumental duo.

The choir has been performing successfully at various events of the Landsmannschaft der Deutschen aus Russland and of other associations and clubs. Any "Tag der Heimat" [Day of our Homeland] of the BdV [Bund der Vertriebenen or Association of Displaced People] in Stuttgart always finds us to be a welcome participant group. The choir actually has celebrated its best successes at events abroad. In June, 1997, we undertook a tour in the US, where we performed numerous concerts in North Dakota, for various associations and churches with ties to Americans of German descent. Many attendees came from far away to hear us sing, and encore requests were a constant. We even had some fans who accompanied us from place to place. TV and newspapers carried reports about us.

In September of 2003 we were once again drawn to travel abroad - this time to Argentina, where, by invitation of the local Volga-German Association, we were able to get to know the people and the land. There we sang at many events and, in every church we visited, we met up with our countrymen. Here, too, the response was very positive. In Argentina we more or less performed pioneering work, for until 2003 not a single German-Russian group had visited there. We returned with many memories, which will remain unforgettable and that are difficult to describe.

Our choir practices every Thursday at 6 PM in the "Haus der Heimat" in Stuttgart. We very happily welcome new singers.

Our appreciation is extended to Alex Herzog for translation of this article.

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