Help for Ukraine and East Prussia

Hilfe für die Ukraine und Ostpreußen

"Help for Ukraine and East Prussia." Volk auf dem Weg, February 1994, 4.

Translation from German to English by Ingeborg Wallner Smith, Western Springs, Illinois

Active co-workers of the Landsmannschaft who successfully provide help for our fellow countrymen in the CIS without much public fanfare, include Lilli Gabler of Stuttgart. At first her aid transports were sent principally to her birthplace, Rosowka in Ukraine, but around Christmas time Mrs. Gabler expanded her humanitarian activities to include the area around Königsberg. The results are not yet available.

Two years after the beginning of this aid

On the other hand, one can see the results of two years of aid in the moving thank-you letters that are still arriving at Mrs. Gabler’s address, from which Volk auf dem Weg is quoting here. Their number is so large that the editors started a file for them with more than 50 standard-size [Germans Industry-standard A4] pages, with lists of over 30,000 individual articles and pages-long writings in German, Ukrainian and Russian.

“Ridnij Kraj”; People judge this aid in two ways: we don’t mind seeing that we are not being left alone with our troubles, that there are still people in the world that wish to help us with their whole hearts. But, no matter how one twists and turns, it is painful to feel that we are a society that cannot provide a decent life for its citizens.

“Saporoshskaja Prawda”: Lilli Karlowna Gabler, now living in Stuttgart, provided the local hospital with humanitarian aid that she had collected on her own initiative…These things – medical equipment, clothing, linens for the sick – cost a million D Mark – Tamara Lonid: We pray for you and the land in which you live, with the hope that God is listening to us.

Family Adaschenko: We give heartfelt thanks to you and all of you friends who have dressed our Rosowka.

Some of the letters are already a year old and only very incompletely reflect the amount of aid being sent, but Volk auf dem Weg should now and again have a small space left over to report on such activities, thinks Mrs. Gabler, and with her surely many another countrymen.

Our appreciation is extended to Ingeborg Smith for translation of this article.

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