Yearbook 2011 Is Now Available!

Announcing the Jahrbuch der Deutschen aus Bessarabien [Yearbook for Germans from Bessarabia] for 2011  

"Yearbook 2011 Is Now Available!" Mitteilungsblatt, November 2010, 8.

Translation from the original German-language text to American English is provided by Alex Herzog, Boulder, CO. 

Hard to believe, but our current Heimatkalender [Homeland Calendar] (Jahrbuch [Yearbook]) is appearing as the 62nd edition. Not even in Bessarabia were that many annual editions. Of course, those were different times, and for the initial settler generations there were other kinds of challenges. With its 256 pages, this Heimatkalender is among the most voluminous in the long span of sixty-two years, and its extensive palette of interesting topics simply continues what is now a tradition. Just imagine, in very concrete terms there have been sixty-two volumes containing 150 to 250 pages each, totaling around 12,000 pages carrying perhaps more than a thousand articles. We owe respect and gratitude to the “calendar makers” and to the many authors for this impressive achievement of presenting the history of our small ethnic group in a literary manner.

The firsts grouping of articles, entitled BESSARABIA THEN AND NOW, we hear from authors who experienced the old homeland in their growing years, for example Johannes Schlauch’s and his article “Outdoor Gymnastic Event of the German Boys Gymnasium in Tarutino”, or Wilhelm Hornung’s “Barefoot and shod.” In the second grouping, entitled RESETTLEMENT AND NEW SETTLEMENT, we learn, among other things, that saying good-bye to and departing from Bessarabia, at least as seen from the viewpoint of an impish youth, might actually have been a somewhat humorous matter. Several articles recommend themselves merely from a historical point of view, such as the descriptions by historian Dr. Ute Schmidt, “German Bessarabians Settling in the Wartheland and in West Prussia – National Socialist Plans and Reality;”or Arnulf Baumann’s article “The Ev.-Luth. Church in the NS-Model Gau [admin. disctrict] of Wartheland;” and Egon Buchholz’ contribution “The Arbitrary State and Personal Resistance, 1940 -1945.” [These are all translated titles – Tr.] 

Among the grouping FROM NEW BEGINNINGS IN 1945 TO THE PRESENT we also find interesting and highly relevant articles. Which should we single out? Well, dear reader, you are invited to use any upcoming event of our group to look into the new Jahrbuch 2011 and to judge for yourself.

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Our appreciation is extended to Alex Herzog for translation of this article.

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