Youth and Volk auf dem Weg

Jugend und Volk auf dem Weg

"Youth and Volk auf dem Weg." Volk auf dem Weg, Novembet 1993, 11.

Translation from German to English by Ingeborg Wallner Smith, Western Springs, Illinois

It appears to the editor that one could characterize the attitude of Russia-German youth to Volk auf dem Weg, as “Well-meaning critical” with a tendency toward “very critical.” In short, four points can be noted:
  1. The appearance of Volk auf dem Weg is gray on gray, not colorful enough;
  2. Youth expects a certain number of pages;
  3. Youth expects more opinions on the actual problems of the national group and its youth;
  4. Occasional texts in Russian would be appreciated by those young people, who have not yet mastered the German language.

The editors reply:

  1. That’s true, but color printing is expensive. Volk auf dem Weg receives no funds except from the Landsmannschaft.
  2. No problem. Just write industriously!
  3. We have heard your criticisms and have to take it to heart! The Landsmannschaft must break new paths.
  4. An ancient theme, that was always very heatedly discussed, whereby the criticism is not directed against the Russian language. One rather fears that some countrymen will then out of sheer laziness never learn German. There are also technical problems, but occasionally something will appear.


Our appreciation is extended to Ingeborg Smith for translation of this article.

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