Our 34th Bundestreffen, Which Will Take Place on June 4, 2000, at 10am in the Forum in Ludwigsburg, is Already Casting its Shadows. Sixty Years After the Resettlement, we Will Meet With the Motto

Ziebart, Siegmund. "Our 34th Bundestreffen, Which Will Take Place on June 4, 2000 at 10am in the Forum in Ludwigsburg, is Already Casting its Shadows. Sixty Years After the Resettlement, we Will Meet With the Motto." Mitteilungsblatt, 6 April 2000.

60 years resettlement: Remembering, strengthening existing ties. This motto expresses clearly that our Bundestreffen doesn't want to be an enthusiasm for fashionable nostalgia nor meetings for formulating some political or economic demands but rather, through reflection and communication, the tie to common roots and the sense of bonds with the former homeland are to be addressed, as well as the contribution to an understanding among nations. The created ties exist not only verbally but also in reality. Thus, on many visits to Bessarabia, we have met old friends and made new friends. Beyond that, since then, thousands of packages with food, clothes, medicines and hospital supplies have already been sent to the former homeland. Furthermore, donations have made medical treatment in Germany possible for children, who were victims of the accident in Chernobyl, and have personally helped many residents in our former homeland. Close ties to people in the former settlement areas of Poland exist also. To this, the monument in Slesin is a testimony in stone.

The motto of the day becomes clear through the guests of honor. Representatives from the embassies of the Republics of Moldova and of the Ukraine, representatives of the arch mayor of Ludwigsburg and its sister city, Stuttgart, as well as a choir from a Baptist parish in Akkerman will relay welcome messages, i.e., be part of the program. We will publish this program separately here in the Mitteilungsblatt. The trombone choir from Enzveihingen and the choir from Akkerman will provide the morning program. A more cultural program is planned for the afternoon during which the choir will participate. The Heimatmuseum will display numerous pictures and documents at its exhibit, and present mainly Bessarabian authors. At its large booth, the Alexanderstift will provide information on its services, especially of its well-attended living quarters. During lunch time, the cook of the Alexanderstift will offer samples of Bessarabian cooking. Many lovely prices will again be awarded at the traditional raffle. Mr. Adolf Buchfink, who prepares the raffle with a team of the local chapter of Backnang, asks all countrymen for monetary donations and donations-in-kind for this worthy cause. You can send or drop off donations-in-kind at Landsmannschaft, Florianstrasse 17, 70188 Stuttgart. Please remit monetary donations with the note raffle to the account 22 93 60 009 at the Bank of Stuttgart, routing number 600 90 100.

This Bundestreffen will, as always, offer many people many unforgettable and pleasant hours during which old friends are met and new friends are found.

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