Anna Schumacher Ehlis

"Anna Schumacher Ehlis." Emmons County Record, 5 April 2012, 17.

Anna Schumacher Ellis

Strasburg, North Dakota, native, Anna Schumacher Ehlis, died Dec. 12, 2011, at her home in Dickinson, N.D. Anna was 107 years old.

I met Anna in 1955. Her daughter, Karolyn, was my first dental assistant when I began my practice in Dickinson. Because Anna and I were both from Strasburg, I took special note of her over the years. Her long life spanned nineteen United States presidents, six wars, seven children, thirty-five grandchildren, eighty-four great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild. Anna lived in Strasburg, Dodge, Shefield and Dickinson. Her parents were Stephena Bauman Schumacher and Johann Schumacher who had migrated to Strasburg from Selz, Russia, near Odessa on the Black Sea in 1902. In Strasburg they lived off and on with relatives,just northwest of Strasburg, neighbors to Ludwig Welk, Lawrence Welk’s family. Anna often played with the Welk kids and their mothers sewed together. Anna’s father, Johann was not a well man and died when Anna was a little girl. After his death Anna and her mother, Stephena, moved to Dodge to be with relatives. Stephena met and married Phillip Erker in Dodge. They farmed south of Dodge. Anna attended a one room school… loved her teachers, loved to read and memorize poems and songs and graduated from the 8th grade. She worked on the farm… plowed, seeded and picked rocks from the fields. She was an ambitious prairie farm girl. One time at a Dodge dance a New England, N.D.,tall and dark dude, asked Anna to dance. He also had a new green car. After three weeks of courtship Anna married this dude, George Ehlis, on July 4, 1932. They moved to a farm northwest of Shefield and had a sheepherders shack for a house. Later they moved an older shed onto the shack for a lean-to room. Anna and George Ehlis raised seven children, George, Leone, Angeline,Karolyn, George, Anne and Ron.

Anna and George’s big wish for their children was a good education and that they followed their Catholic Religion. Anna is buried next to George at their original St. Pius Church cemetery in Shefield.

PS… Anna’s mother, Stephena Bauman Schumacher, was a sister of Sebastian Bauman and to Mrs. Anton Fischer. Anna was born either at the Fischer or the Bauman home in 1904. Sebastian Bauman was one of the five young men that scouted the Strasburg area for their relatives and friends in Russia.

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