Emmons County Gathering Draws Crowd in Mesa, Arizona

"Emmons County Gathering Draws Crowd in Mesa, Arizona." Emmons County Record, 9 April 2003.

On Saturday Feb 15, the Emmons County Gathering was held in Mesa, Ariz., and it was rated a great success.

"We had over 150 people turn out for the event," host and chair of the event Chuck Senger said. "We had anticipated about 135 people, so we were scrambling for a while but we got everyone seated and fed and everyone had a great time."

Winners of the two Emmons County Record subscriptions given away were Chris Maier and Irwin Kiemele.

Jerome Senger donated some picture frames from Quality Picture Frames in Strasburg, and the Strasburg Centennial Committee donated several souvenirs for the 16 door prize drawings.

Strasburg native Victor Schwahn entertained during the luncheon with accordion music, and the people really enjoyed the good music.

It was agreed by the group to continue having this event, so next year's event will be held Feb. 7, 2004, at the same location, and Strasburg native Ernie Borr will be our new chairperson and host.

Victor Schwahn entertains with some foot-stomping Polka music and other German favorites.
Elsie (Stoller) Job, a Hazelton native, enjoyed the Emmons County Gathering.
The Braddock people include, seated, Victor and Lois Baumgartner and their grandson, Noel Baumgartner; standing, Seanna and Dean Baumgartner and their son, Michael.
The Westfield/Pollock contingent is pictured at the Emmons County Gathering. Left to right are Jean (Jackson) Bower, Nellie Jackson, Edith (Van Beek) Dienert, Janice (Hollaar) Kashey and Laura (Van Beek) Heimbuck Arndt.
The Strasburg group at the Emmons County Gathering include, front row, left to right, John Schneider, Al Mattern, Mary Mattern, Jolenta Fischer Masterson, Elsie Senger and Chuck Senger; first standing row, Leonard Kraft, Lil Schneider, Bernie Reis, Marlin Schneider, Sue Schneider, Angie Geisinger, Art Schwahn, Lil Schwahn, Joan Schwahn, Alice Jochim Schumacher, Barbara Schwahn, Florence Grensteiner Hauer and Darlene Zanstra Feil; row two standing, Rose Mary Glatt, Betty Kramer Welk, Victor Schwahn and Dale Schumacher, and, back row, Ray Braun, William Keller, John Reis, Rich Schneider, Wayne Fischer, Ernie Borr, William Schwahn, Mike Burgad and Richard Ternes.
Linton people at the Emmons County Gathering in Arizona are, front row, left to right, Margaret Braun, Fran Schlosser, Lucy Horner, Mary Ellen Hatch, Curtis Job and Rose Holzer, and, back row, Ted Job, Elsie Job, Pius Glass, Phil Schlosser, Bill Horner, John Fehr, Irene Fehr, Larry Hatch, Yvonne Kiemele, Irvin Kiemele, Tony Holzer, Chris Maier and Betty Maier.
The Hague group at the Emmons County Gathering include, front row, left to right, Victor Baumgartner, Anne Braun, Robert Miller, Joe Hauer, Bernie Roth, Laverne Heinz and Bernie (Hauer) Metzel; second row, Lois Baumgartner, Dan Eberle, Marlene (Weigel) Dryland, Christine Baumgartner, Helen (Raser) Heilman, Jean Heilman, Irene (Heilman) Wolf, Janice Schumacher, Ron Jahraus and Joan Jahraus; third row, Eva (Mastel) Baillie, Tom Fischer, Bernie (Welk) Reis, Judy Eberle, Delores Kramer, and back row, John Reis, Pete Klein, Joan Baumstarck, George Mastel. Herman Weigel, Erwin Feist, Leo Welk, De Klein, Eddie Miller, Conrad Miller, Willie Mastel, Harold Feist, Walt Eberle, Bob Wolf and Ron Hulm.
At this table are Elsie Braun Senger, Richard Ternes and Marilyn Ternes.
Left to right at the luncheon are Helen Raser Heilman, De Klein, Jean Heilman, John Schneider, Lil Schneider, Bernie Reis and John Reis.

Reprinted with permission of the Emmons County Record.

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